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Chicago Power Tools CPT-1250 Belt Sander - 4.54 out of 5 based on 24 ratings. 24 user reviews.

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Don’t let the price fool you. This sander does do its job but it doesn’t do it that good. It’s was a little sluggish when I was trying to sand down some large pieces of wood. But when I was sanding down some smaller pieces, it did fairly good. I’m not completely disappointed in it, but for the price you pay I’d say it’s worth it.
Devin Stirling, Mon Oct 29, 2012
I purchased this belt sander about three months ago and it’s been doing great so far. No major complaints worth mentioning. The tracking works well, it’s powerful, the belts easy to change, and it collects dust well. I would give this my recommendation.
James Kingston, Sun Oct 25, 2012
So far, so good. The sander is working hard and strong like it’s supposed to. Nothing has broken so far, and that’s an A+ in my book!
George Friedman, Wed Oct 17, 2012
Overall, this power sander is pretty good. Some complaints that cross my mind is that the dust bag is too small and it’s kinda cheaply made. But it’s excusable considering the price. If you’re looking to go cheap and get a decent belt sander, get this one.
Ted King, Thu Oct 11, 2012
Have to keep this review short, too busy having a blast with this belt sander!!!
Max Sanchez, Fri Oct 05, 2012
This sander is terrific! It performs just as well as the B&D and Skil belt sanders but for literally half the price. Recommended for amateurs and pros!
Jacob Renalds, Tue Oct 02, 2012
Honestly, it’s a great product but I just can’t give it a five star rating. Everything was working just fine but all of a sudden the drive belt broke. So I called customer service and long story short, they replaced my unit with a BRAND NEW sander, free of charge.
LeMont Waters, Sun Sep 30, 2012
I used it a few times, and it’s pretty good. Not the best, but not the worst.
Shreyas Patel, Tue Jun 19, 2012
Got this sander to refine the floor of a 10 x 10 room, and it worked great.
Michael Haywood, Thu May 17, 2012
Originally, I was going to buy a belt sander with a bigger brand, but ended up just giving this Chicago one a chance. This is a fantastic product. With a really course grit, you can sand off about 5mm at a time. Plus the belt stays aligned once it sets and it’s pretty powerful, more than I expected for sure. I got this great product all for a low cost which makes it even better!
Asa Timmons , Mon Mar 12, 2012
Compared to my old Black and Decker belt sander, this thing is just as good for a fraction of the price. It does go a little slower but for the price you pay it’s not bad. Everything is spot on (besides the fact that the dust bag is a bit to small), and yes, I would recommend it.
Javier Lawrence , Fri Dec 30, 2011
I was looking for a cheap sander and came across this Chicago one. I purchased it about 3 weeks ago and it’s been running strong since. The belt stays tracked and its really easy to change but the only bad thing is that it has too small of a dust bag. At the end of the day, it stripped off the paint on my fence in no time and it was a pleasure to use.
Steven Hills, Mon Oct 17, 2011
This thing is amazing! It works with no hassle and will get almost any job done. I recommend this to anyone who needs a power sander.
Stefan Taylors, Tue Sep 27, 2011
Before I purchased this sander I looked up some reviews about this Chicago sander. Everyone was mentioning that the dust bag was too small, and I have to totally agree with everyone who said that. To solve the problem, I hooked up a vacuum to where the dust blows out. It solved the problem and I recommend doing the same if you’re annoyed with the bag. Everything else though ran smoothly and did an all-around great job on some sanding projects I had. A tad heavier than the top tier belt sanders though.
Matthew Chance, Sun Sep 18, 2011
Thought about purchasing a Makita sander but ended up getting this one. The biggest reason for my choice was obviously the price. However, after using it a few times, its honestly not bad at all and completed the task. Don’t be fooled by more expensive sanders, this thing will do the job plus more!
Mitchell Davis, Fri Jul 08, 2011
Great sander. Great price. Highly recommended for the casual do- it- yourselfer.
Jack Myers, Thu Jun 30, 2011
I used this Chicago sander to build a 12' x 25' deck and it did just that. Plenty of power, especially for such a low cost machine, and I am satisfied with the tracking and the ease of the belt changes. Excellent for small to medium sized jobs.
Zachary Williams, Wed Apr 13, 2011
Long story short, this belt sander took longer than expected to sand some lumber down. But, it eventually did its job… I guess you get what you pay for, and that’s why this sander is pretty good.
Tyler Stevens, Mon Feb 28, 2011
This Chicago belt sander is great!! Bought this sucker to remove some paint in one of the rooms and it did exactly that!
Lu Benito, Sat Jan 08, 2011
It took me about 3 weeks of normal use to figure out there is a design error. There are little screws behind the cover that come loose, through machine vibration, and you have to tighten them when they do become loose. Not a major complaint though, mainly because a tank of gas cost more than this power tool! However, besides that, it works fine.
Mikey Knobs, Tue Dec 28, 2010
Almost everything about this sander is perfect (especially the price). The dust bag is too small so it’s a hassle to constantly empty it.
Chris Riles, Sun Oct 17, 2010
The main reason I bought this belt sander was the price. I only had a small job to do and I didn’t know anyone who had a belt sander so I went cheap. Not disappointed whatsoever. It sands evenly and smoothly and it’s pretty simplistic as far as maintenance and operation goes. Bottom line, I would recommend this to my friends.
Lance Edwards, Mon Oct 04, 2010
I’ve had it for 2 months and it’s doing great. I am actually surprised how well it’s doing because it was so cheap.
Alan Grear, Tue Sep 07, 2010
Loving my brand new belt sander! I just used it yesterday to finish up my baby’s crib and it worked like a charm. It has good balance and control which really helped me do a good job on it. The crib is smoother than a baby’s butt!
Peter Mikhail, Mon Aug 30, 2010